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Harnessing Machine Learning, LOYAL automates mundane tasks to optimize content faster


We’re often asked why we built LOYAL.

With the publishing industry experiencing momentous change, it was clear innovative new solutions were needed to help support publishers looking to grow and evolve in a digital-first world.

Fortunately, AI technology has opened up all-new opportunities within the industry, with over two-thirds of publishers viewing it as the biggest enabler for journalism in the next few years, according to Reuters Institute.

We were eager to be part of this cutting-edge movement driving the industry forwards, delegating routine tasks and tedious work to machines in order to release time-pressed journalists from mundane jobs.

Our first AI-powered product is designed to alleviate journalists from the difficult and frustrating task of accessing their editorial archives on a daily basis.

Ineffective tagging and unclear categorization had left journalists sifting through extensive backlogs manually — a labour-intensive process that was not only draining publishers’ resources and time, but not utilizing the full potential of years of carefully curated content.

We knew there had to be a faster, more accurate way to search and leverage existing value-rich content that didn’t rely on guessing keywords and digging around for that perfect linking opportunity.

What was needed was a tool that made things simple. Publishers desperately needed access to technology that could speed up the content discovery and optimization process, boost SEO and drive new readership.

That’s why we started LOYAL.

With support from the Google News Initiative and Innovate UK, we set out to make life easier for content creators.

We built an easy-to-use journalism tool powered by cutting-edge technology. We wanted it to be affordable so that any newsroom and publisher, large or small, could benefit from it.

Using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, LOYAL is proud to be an active member of the JournalismAI community, embracing new technology with the power to automate mundane tasks like trawling through archives. Its minimal and intuitive design means that even the least tech-savvy writers can use it.

No clutter. No convolution. No confusion.

We believe that LOYAL is a solution every publisher could benefit from.

We believe that LOYAL is a solution that every publisher and SEO team could benefit from, and we hope you’ll give us a try.

Try it out and let us know what you think at

The LOYAL team.


Our aim is to build the best and most trustworthy products our customers can rely on every day.

In every aspect of our work we are driven by one core value: Loyalty, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to demonstrating this through constant improvement and innovation.

In addition to this core value, our company is built on five virtues.


We are committed to being positive, helpful and supportive to our employees, users and the journalism community as a whole. As a team, we are continually exploring tech solutions to build the most useful source of information with the aspiration to elevate journalism, transform workflows and celebrate excellent reporting at every level. Protecting the journalism industry’s copyright is also high on our agenda. Securing an NLA Media Access (NLA) licence is one of the many ways we hope to support the work of journalists and advocate the fair use of content.


As individuals and a wider organisation, we are driven by trust, honesty and a desire to do the right thing. By operating from a place of integrity, we aim to be as open and transparent in our actions as possible and place our customers’ needs at the forefront of our decision making. In our search for new solutions, we aim to build products our customers can rely on to deliver trusted news sources, minimise the spread of hateful content and flag up potential disinformation. We understand that this takes work and are committed to finding ways to do things better.


We strive to have the courage to find new ways to solve real problems the publishing industry faces every day. By encouraging inclusivity and collaboration within our team, we are cultivating a mindset that fosters forward-thinking and endeavours to innovate in the face of any challenge. By thinking big we hope to open up new ways to create real value for our customers by saving them time and money through innovative solutions.


We believe in empowering people. Through both the practical implementation of our tools and our desire to push for positive change and development within the journalism industry, we hope to open up opportunities, spark creativity and promote new ways of thinking.


We want the best for society and the environment. This is why we are on a mission to become a Net Zero business by working with partners to calculate and off-set our carbon emissions and protect the planet through carbon capture technology. We are consistently seeking the most sustainable way to operate as a data-driven company.

The Team

Ben Martin



Dan Reeves



Andrew McAngus



Claude Grunitzky

Co-Founder & Global Ambassador


Aizhan Kazakbaeva

Product Executive


Ricardo Ribeiro

Head of Engineering


Leonidas Constantinou

Machine Learning Engineer


Andres Merizalde

Senior Product Designer


Camilla Allen

Editorial Executive


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