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Why we’re on a mission to help writers, editors and publishers

We’re often asked why we built LOYAL.

After all, there’s already a tonne of resources that promise to support the writing process, so that writers, editors and publishers can deliver sparkling content in less time.

But the trouble is, none of these solved our problem. We needed a tool that could alleviate the grind of repetitive research that our own writers faced every day. All the while, minimising the fear that a piece could be stronger, more well-informed, or more engaging.

There had to be a faster, more accurate way to scour the internet for highly-relevant, trustworthy sources. Our writers were frustrated. And so were we.

We went in search of a better solution. It didn’t exist.

That’s why we started LOYAL.

With support from the Google News Initiative and Innovate UK, we set out to make life easier for content creators.

We built an easy-to-use journalism tool powered by cutting-edge technology. We wanted it to be affordable so that any newsroom and publisher, large or small, could benefit from it.

Using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, LOYAL is customisable for any writer and topic. Its minimal and intuitive design means that even the least tech-savvy writers can use it.

No clutter. No convolution. No confusion.

LOYAL is the journalism tool that we wish we had back when we were writing & editing everything ourselves.

We’re proud to say that LOYAL is the journalism tool that we wish we’d had back when we were writing and editing everything ourselves. And, we’re delighted that renowned writers, editors and brands like those at The Week, Auto Express and Pulse agree.

Whether you’re a staff writer, freelancer or editor, we hope you’ll give LOYAL a try.

We’re so confident you’ll love it, we have a 14-day free trial with no tricky credit card traps.

Try it out and let us know what you think at

The LOYAL team.

The Team

Ben Martin

Managing Director, Digital


Dan Reeves

Managing Director, Content


Andrew McAngus

Managing Director


Claude Grunitzky

Co-Founder & Editor-In-Chief


Shane Henchin

Product Manager


Ricardo Ribeiro

Senior Software Engineer


Leonidas Constantinou

ML Engineer


Ben Thomas

Digital Designer


Camilla Allen

Editorial Assistant


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