LOYAL AI: the one-click research tool arrives

For content creators, researching a piece is often the most time-consuming and frustrating part of the process. Repetitive searches and hopping between multiple browser tabs to find a great case study or statistic can be overwhelming.

What if there was a tool that could streamline research and minimise the fear that a piece could be stronger, more well-informed, or more engaging?

We were convinced that there had to be a faster, more accurate way to scour the internet for highly-relevant, trustworthy sources. We just had to find the solution.

Introducing LOYAL

We’re excited to announce the launch of LOYAL, a one-click journalism research tool that removes the repetitive research work that content creators face every day.


With support from the Google News Initiative and Innovate UK, our team of natural language processing (NLP) experts built an easy-to-use journalism tool that sits right within a journalist’s creative space.

With over two-thirds of publishers seeing artificial intelligence (AI) as the biggest enabler for journalism over the next few years, according to a 2021 report on journalism, media and technology by Reuter’s Institute we’re excited about the prospect of our AI-powered tool helping those who strive to deliver better journalism.    

Research, write and edit articles faster

Our team’s collective mission has been clear. We want to solve the problem of repetitive, time-consuming and fruitless research associated with traditional search engines. 

We want writers to be able to find new angles and reputable sources with just one click, without having to leave their creative space, which can disrupt the writing process.

With LOYAL, journalists can publish clean, trustworthy news, features and content readers will love, without running the risk of missing niche sources search engines often overlook, or getting lost in a web of research dead-ends.

Once downloaded on the Google Chrome Web Store, LOYAL can be used within a working Google Doc. It then retrieves the most related articles to your written piece within seconds. It searches an extensive range of trusted sources using NLP, with the added benefit of quick-glance sentiment analysis and tags.


What makes LOYAL different to traditional search engines is that you can run an entire article through the extension. Therefore, you can find the most related articles to your piece without guessing keyphrases to search for. 

With LOYAL, research finds you

Right from the outset, making the tool easy to use was high on our agenda.

Firstly, we set out to create a streamlined product that was both highly functional and benefited from an intuitive design. We know content creators are busy people. They, therefore, don’t have time to scroll through reams of unhelpful information.

LOYAL places credible sources right at their fingertips. By running LOYAL as an article is developing, for instance, writers can check how other publishers have covered a topic. They can also find breaking news and add depth after drafting.

There’s also the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) benefit of being able to find linking opportunities within your own site, network and beyond in a matter of seconds. 

Helping content creators save time, money and add value

“We’re on a mission to help hard-pressed writers, editors and publishers overcome research fatigue,” says Dan Reeves, Director and Co-founder of LOYAL.

“Through the invaluable support we have received from Google and Innovate UK, combined with the dedicated work of our talented team of NLP experts, we have created a revolutionary resource that drives productivity within the newsroom environment and delivers valuable results at speed.”

“This is an exciting time for journalists and report writers,” says Ben Martin, fellow Director and Co-founder of LOYAL. “We’re delighted to apply the power of AI technology to helping journalists substantiate the integrity of their work. In an era of fake news, this has to be a priority.”

Above: The LOYAL team

The LOYAL team is working hard to continue to develop our suite of editorial tools. For instance, we are continually looking to improve our offering to meet the ever-changing needs of content creators. We also look forward to sharing news of new and exciting journalism tools with you as they develop. 

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If you would like to find out more or are interested in collaborating, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch at info@loyal.ai