The future of banking and finance: AI-powered research tools

29.06.2021 · By Farah Khalique

Superior data analysis is paramount to best execution and profitability. From investment banking to transaction banking, the ability to crunch news and data at the click of a button using advanced sentimental analysis and natural language processing can boost P&L and put you light years ahead of your peers. Find out how LOYAL is bringing its cutting-edge AI-powered research tool to the world of banking and finance.

In the fast-paced world of banking and finance, speed and accuracy are key to analysing vast quantities of data that underpin daily decisions, from routine customer compliance checks to advising corporate clients on takeover deals to placing billion-dollar trades. No matter how big or small the decision, it is driven by data. But this translates into hours of analysts’ time and bulging research departments at a time when bank profitability margins are coming under pressure. 

The largest banks are now embracing data science to analyse figures as quickly and cost-effectively as possible; Citigroup launched a new business unit to help its investment bankers drill down into big data to better advise their corporate finance clients. So how can all banks – big or small – make the most of technology to analyse vast quantities of facts faster?

Banks don’t need to invest in their own technology when they can tap into a white-label solution that offers all the benefits – with none of the start-up costs associated with building a proprietary offering. LOYAL’s artificial intelligence-powered solution has the ability to micro-analyse information, keywords and phrases relating to banking transactions drawn from our rich catalogue of news, research, insights, and analysis.  Choose your preferred information sources from the thousands available so that only the right insights appear in your research results. 

LOYAL supports the fact-backed strategic decision making and business planning required of financial institutions using sentiment analysis and natural language processing (NLP). We first rolled out our solution to newsrooms across the UK to help journalists research article briefs and identify future story ideas; now we are bringing our technology to the world of banking and finance. 

The stock market is sensitive to a multitude of factors – including fundamentals and market sentiment – everything from employment data, breaking news, world leaders’ tweets and more; our research tool uses sentiment analysis and NLP to crunch this information which can help banks predict market trends or stock movements. 

LOYAL can also help with other related areas of banking such as compliance, which has risen to the top of every bank’s agenda since the post-financial crisis regulatory reforms. Our one-click research function and archive tool can sift through curated sources to speed up daily, cumbersome tasks like due diligence reports and credit analysis. 

We want to unlock the value of deep learning models to revolutionise the financial services sector. LOYAL has partnered with an incubator of leading data and AI scientists to develop a unique technique that analyses data in an “emotional way” that no other analysis tool can achieve, using real-time data to generate hyper-personalised insights. This incubator was founded by a team of experts across finance, media, music and sports technology that has previously built the technology which powers a billion-dollar media platform and helped create over 70 patents over the last five years.

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