Gain access to your website archive wherever you work on the go

Almost every publisher is sitting on a treasure trove of content, but very few are working it to its full potential to drive SEO value. Fortunately, new tools are emerging to quickly and accurately search the deepest of archives from wherever you work. 

While traditionally publishers have channelled almost all of their resource and energy into generating new content, resurfacing old content is a highly valuable growth strategy many have discovered they simply cannot afford to overlook.

“Smart resurfacing is a powerful tactic that organizations without a growth editor tend to miss,” says Lymari Morales, Managing Director of Editorial and Insights at American publishing brand, Atlantic 57, which drives 50% of its traffic from past content due to a successful resurfacing strategy.

By revising, republishing and harnessing the value in previously-published content to support and add context to new articles, publishers have a unique opportunity to drive up their search engine rankings, strengthen their site’s authority and increase reader engagement with minimal effort.

“Smart resurfacing is a powerful tactic that organizations without a growth editor tend to miss”

But for time-pressed journalists finding related content can be a lengthy task. It often means excessive digging through vast repositories where you can “lose your train of thought,” explains Holden Frith, Digital Director at The Week. “Internal linking is far too often an afterthought.”

Evidently, speeding up this process is key. Enabling journalists to make smart resurfacing and linking choices could be a game-changer.

Explore your website archive on the go

Fortunately, LOYAL is helping to solve that problem. The AI-driven tool helps you access your archive from anywhere. Simply activate the Chrome extension to view previously written articles in CMS, Google Docs, or on a webpage. 


LOYAL’s Context Editor feature allows you to dive into your archive while searching the web by:

  1. Opening up any webpage (e.g. a tweet or breaking news article).
  2. Highlighting a section of text.
  3. Right-clicking and selecting the search LOYAL option.

The most related content from within your archives will then be conveniently displayed down the side of any webpage. 

From here, you can quickly scroll through previously-written articles to glean insights for new pieces.  

Learn more about how new technology is unleashing the power of publisher’s archives here.

“Often journalists can get buried in their own individual writing,” says Joe Evans, World News Editor at The Week. LOYAL makes it easy to gauge how others have covered a topic within a certain organization. It brings together all brands under one publishing umbrella so journalists can cross-link to material to support and add context to current articles with ease.

Quick access to high-value links anywhere

There is also the added benefit of being able to access Moz-powered SEO metrics for each resurfaced article within the tool ensures value-rich links aren’t missed. You can quickly identify a high-performing piece of content worth linking to within the body of an article or in a “related posts” section at the bottom of a story.

With tools like LOYAL, and new opportunities to leverage existing content, the future is bright for digital-first publishers.

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