Introducing article boosting: LOYAL takes advanced search to the next level

16.02.2022 · By LOYAL AI

We’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve our advanced search tool. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our new article boosting feature which helps content creators to cut through the noise and target their results for ease of search.

Have you ever despaired at the amount of irrelevant content that appears in your keyword searches? Sometimes it can feel like wading through a sea of unhelpful information before you get to a piece about a specific person, place or topic that actually sparks your interest.

What if you could filter out all of the distractions and call articles of interest to the top of your results with a more nuanced, reactive and advanced way of searching? 

Enter our sparkling new article boosting feature, powered by artificial intelligence.

With the help of LOYAL, you can now select specific topics you wish to ‘boost’ within your results. Add an extra level of refinement to your search input and quickly put your finger (or mouse) on exactly the article, or articles, you’re looking for.

Advanced searching enables journalists and content creators to streamline their workflow and save time. This is especially key within busy newsrooms where there simply isn’t time to trawl through unhelpful results.

For example, if you’re a sports journalist writing a news story about the latest Manchester United football game but specifically want to highlight the performance of Christiano Ronaldo, the ability to ‘boost’ this name within LOYAL’s topic entities could save significant time.

Getting started with article boosting

Getting started with article boosting is simple. Once you’ve performed a normal website archive search within LOYAL and you can see results from your publication, click the ‘article topics’ button to select the topics you wish to ‘boost’ and see all related content.

Want a little more help on how to perform an initial search with LOYAL? Check out this helpful walk-through video

Once you’ve clicked ‘apply’, you’ll be able to spot boosted articles easily. Just look out for the tell-tale blue lightning bolt symbol located on each article card, to help you quickly decipher whether an article relates to a topic of interest.

For a more in-depth guide on how to use our new boosting feature, follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, activate LOYAL within a Google doc, Word doc., CMS or across the web by highlighting and searching a specific section of text, or an entire document.
  2. Once results have been returned you can boost specific topic entities that have been analysed and extracted from the input text. Click the ‘Topics’ button within an article card to see a list of topics.
  3. Select your topic category from “All”, “People”, “Organisations”, or “Places” to quickly view all topics under specific groupings.

    LOYAL AI boosting feature 2
  4. Either select one or multiple topics that you wish to boost and click “Apply” to activate your search or “Clear all” to reset your selection. Remember, the less topics you select the more targeted your search results will be.
  5. Next to each topic entity you will see a number in brackets. This is how many articles this topic entity applies to. The higher the number, the more articles will be boosted.
  6. Look out for boosted articles with a blue lightning bolt in your search which will now rank higher in your results. Refresh your search to reset your results. 
LOYAL AI article boosting feature