Introducing Boards: A new way to save and organise articles

We’re always looking to see what we can do to make improvements here at LOYAL and lately, we’ve been quite busy! You can now benefit from streamlined content discovery with our exciting new feature, Boards. 

We know that planning an article and locating the best internal and external links can be a daunting task. When all of your sources are scattered across open tabs, buried in bookmarks or lost in endless email trails, it can be hard to collect your thoughts and build out a strong narrative for a piece.

But what if there was a tool that could save you time and energy by storing all of your saved articles in one convenient place? Imagine being able to view your internal links and external links for each article or topic in one clean view.

Enter LOYAL Boards.

We’ve been listening to requests from our users for quick article-saving functionality, and now we’re excited to announce Boards a powerful new feature built to save and order your favourite articles so you can view them at ease.

With quick access to Moz-powered link metrics, you can discover the highest quality links from within your archive and externally to include within your article. Save them within boards for later reference so you never miss that perfect linking opportunity again. 

Boards is designed with a clear visual layout in mind. You can quickly click the Boards icon in your Google Doc., webpage or CMS. Here, you’ll  see all of your articles of interest at a glance. Flit between content discovery and writing and streamline your article-writing workflow so you can hit deadlines with no problem.

Want to try it out for yourself? Start your free trial today.

Getting started with Boards

Getting started with Boards is simple. We’ve built this new feature to seamlessly integrate into your busy day so you can quickly access all of your favourite articles right from within the LOYAL app in a couple of clicks.

The ability to save articles under different Boards helps you make connections between articles across any publication in less time. View each article to pull out key statistics, quotes and case studies so you can connect all the dots on any topic before launching into writing. 

The clean view is built with busy journalists in mind. Those looking to speed up content discovery. It’s free from distractions on the internet, so you can say goodbye to open tabs and get to the facts fast.

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To create a Board:

  1. Firstly, activate LOYAL within a Google Doc, webpage or CMS. Select a section of text and then click the LOYAL logo in your browser.
  2. At the bottom of the LOYAL panel, click the Boards icon and select “Create Board” to name your first Board. You can create multiple boards, rename, and delete them.
  3. Return to the “News” or “Archive” search to start saving the most interesting articles.
  4. Click the three dots to the right of each article and select “Add to Board”.
  5. Now you can get started on your article easily with quick access to all the publications you need.