It’s arrived! LOYAL is now available in Word

01.12.2021 · By LOYAL AI

We’re excited to announce that LOYAL is now available as a Microsoft Word add-in. You can now search your entire website archive and the latest news right from a Word document in a fraction of the time. 

Have you ever been frustrated by the endless blur of open tabs that seem to proliferate while searching for an article? Or the fact that you have to interrupt your flow of writing to find that perfect link? 

Thankfully, those days are gone. You can now search as you write with LOYAL and run the tool on your entire document to pull up the most related content in seconds without having to rely on – often unreliable – keywords to plug into a search engine. 

After the successful launch of LOYAL for Google Docs, we’re now thrilled to announce that the search tool is available in Word. Simply download the add-in to make the most of intelligent search.

Let’s take a tour…

Say hello to LOYAL for Word

With LOYAL for Word, you can access all the same great features available in LOYAL for Google Docs, including:

1. AI-powered archive search

Forget time-consuming scrolling. Search your entire website archive for relevant articles easily and quickly.

2. AI-powered news search

Discover related articles and breaking news across the web as you write. Source that perfect case study, quote or link in seconds.

Screenshot 2021-12-01 at 14.51.32
Screenshot 2021-12-01 at 14.49.51

3. LOYAL Boards

Save and order your favourite articles with LOYAL Boards. Simply click the Boards icon within the extension to save your key articles and easily store them under different boards. View all your articles of interest at a glance and return to them when you’re ready to start writing.

Screenshot 2021-12-01 at 14.53.54

4. Moz SEO metrics

Use LOYAL to make the best internal and external linking choices. Easily access Moz-powered SEO performance metrics for each article to gauge link equity. View page authority, internal and external article links, linking domains and inbound links.

5. View article topics

Easily identify the topics in any article. Accurately assess articles in seconds.

6. Quick-glance sentiment analysis

Understand the attitudes and opinions expressed in each article. Make more balanced decisions for your content strategy and reporting.

But wait, there’s more…

Flexible search

Within Word, LOYAL enables you to search how you like. We’ve made it possible for you to either search your entire document, or a specific section of text. This allows you to hone your search to exactly what you’re looking for and speed up the process of finding helpful information.

Check out this video for more details.

How to download LOYAL for Word

Downloading LOYAL for Word is easy. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Open a Word document.  
  2. Search for the LOYAL Add-in within the Office Add-ins page. Select Insert > Add-ins > Get Add-ins. Search for “LOYAL” in the search bar on the left of the Office Add-ins page. Select the “Add” button to add LOYAL to your add-ins.  
  3. Open the LOYAL add-in. Select Insert > Add-ins > My Add-ins. Double-click LOYAL in the “My Add-ins” page. 
  4. Start writing and enjoy LOYAL AI. Use the tool to intelligently search and link to articles within your archives and across the web.

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