Searching your web archive just got supercharged

01.06.2021 · By LOYAL AI

Powered by machine learning, our newly launched archive search solution is enabling publishers to search and uncover years of archived content with a click of a button — a workflow game-changer for media organisations large and small. 

Developing a one-click archive search solution

The AI-driven tool works to surface content stored within a publisher’s archives with one click, allowing journalists to quickly tap into an invaluable repository for highly relevant internal linking and content refreshing opportunities while they work, without the distraction of leaving their working document. 

“We found that many publishers have struggled to unlock the true value of their content archives,” explains LOYAL Co-founder, Dan Reeves. “This is why LOYAL has developed an archive search solution that employs machine learning technology to resurface related articles and content that can assist in SEO linking strategies and domain authorities.”

LOYAL’s powerful new technology pinpoints and displays matching articles to the right-hand side of a working article. From here, content creators can work to both enrich new articles, cross-promote and link between titles under the same publisher’s umbrella, and highlight evergreen content that has the potential to be reworked and republished an effective way to drive new traffic to a publisher’s site.   

“Being immersed in the publishing industry meant that we had first-hand experience of the pain and inconvenience journalists face when researching articles on a daily basis,” says Dan. With this in mind, LOYAL’s archive solution has been developed with high ambitions to supercharge the productivity of content creators and drive quality editorial output without heavy cost and resource.


Uncovering value-rich content in seconds

With support from the Google News Initiative and Innovate UK, the London-based team of machine learning engineers have created a journalism tool that simultaneously ‘understands’ written work as it is being generated and searches a publication’s full website archive across multiple brands to support and substantiate articles as they are being written. 


The results are instantaneously ranked by relevance and presented in an inset panel to the side of a working Google document. Within the LOYAL Web Application, journalists can easily view and search a publication’s full website archive across multiple brands in one place, at a glance.

They can scroll to relevant articles that catch their eye, view sentiment and entities, read an excerpt or dive into a full piece without the hassle of multiple search engine searches or manually scanning a publication’s entire archive for related content. 

Building tools for all publishers large and small 

“We’re delighted to apply the power of this technology to boost the capabilities of all publishers and drive significant efficiencies,” says Ben Martin, fellow Co-founder at LOYAL AI. Indeed, the team has made it a priority to open this technology up to publications of all sizes in an effort to democratise artificial intelligence and bring balance back to reporting.


To date, LOYAL’s journalism tools have been successfully trialed by a number of top publications, including The Week, Auto Express, and Pulse, and the tech start-up is now offering a 14-day free trial of the new software to publishers and content creators. “Our vision is to democratise these technologies, enabling all publishers and journalists to access our tools wherever they work,” says Dan. (Read more about our values as a data-driven company and our commitment to building a stronger future for journalism.)

In addition to LOYAL’s archive tool, the team has developed an editorial research tool to save journalists significant time during the article-writing process. The Google Doc extension, which can be downloaded from the Google Chrome Web Store, takes research to the next level.

The research tool enables journalists to search a wide list of 600+ curatable sources – including niche publications that search engines may overlook – right from their working document and significantly cuts down research time by streamlining their workflow.

Learn more about LOYAL’s one-click research assistant and how it can help you publish your best work as a journalist. 

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