Powering better collaboration: Introducing LOYAL’s new SEO features

Encouraging SEO teams and journalists to work in tandem to deliver fully optimised articles remains a key challenge for publishers. Learn how LOYAL’s new SEO features can enable your teams to work collaboratively, share and monitor links with ease, and ultimately maximise article performance all from one convenient application.

Even in today’s day and age, SEO professionals still rely on extensive, and often very complex, spreadsheets to store and maintain key links to their website’s highest performing pages.These have to be updated regularly in order to share the most powerful internal links with journalists. But this process is time-consuming and requires significant streamlining in order to make sure every article ranks well, drives significant traffic, keeps readers engaged, and ultimately increases revenue for your organisation.

Excel spreadsheets take hours to update manually, are prone to errors, and SEO teams must make sure that journalists are sent the most up-to-date version of the document in order to make the most informed decisions when embedding high-performing links into articles.The process is clunky, out-dated, and when it comes to implementing a strategic linking strategy, many journalists are reluctant to stray from their writing space to consult lengthy spreadsheets. .

Bridging the gap between SEO and editorial teams

In our blog post on how to seamlessly bridge the gap between editorial and SEO teams, we highlighted the fact that SEO teams and journalists must be working in sync. Search professionals, such as Head of SEO or Head of Audience Growth, must now be communicating closely with journalists to make sure that every article published is attuned to search engine optimisation (SEO/search) best practice in order to ensure they hit the top results on search engines, day in and day out.


Want more tips on how to build a solid SEO strategy as a publisher? Read our blog post for more on how best to approach E-A-T (“Expertise, Authoritative, and Trustworthiness”), getting keyword research right, and how to pay attention to quality link-building strategies.

Indeed, news organisations are quickly realising the need to narrow the gap between search and editorial teams. And innovative workflow tools are paving the way to collaborative new ways of working. In order to boost article performance, journalists need to be alerted to the best internal links, such as specific landing pages and evergreen articles, to embed as they write, in the quickest, most convenient way possible.

This is why, here at LOYAL, we’re excited to announce the arrival of our new SEO features designed to support search teams in the easy, quick storing and sharing of high-performing links with editorial teams.

Take a tour of LOYAL’s SEO features and learn how you can embed it into your workflow. 

Boost strategic internal linking

Once a publishing organisation has connected their Search Console account, they can get the most out of LOYAL’s SEO features. In turn, they can speed up processes, eradicate the need for complex spreadsheets, and enable swift management and communication across teams. Gone are the days of hours of monotonous spreadsheet work. With the assistance of LOYAL, teams can focus time and energy on high-value work. 

Learn more about topic clusters and how they can support your SEO strategy. These are groups of articles that fall under the same umbrella topic within a publication’s content hub and they help to build authority around a specific subject area. It’s important that journalists are linking back to this main landing page within their articles to boost authority and ranking around a specific topic.

Using the SEO features within LOYAL’s Web App

Search professionals can use LOYAL’s SEO Admin feature as a place to conveniently store high-performing evergreen or landing page links. It’s designed to specifically support easy uploading and extraction of specific URLs from a publisher’s website.

Here’s how you can access and use the tool from within the LOYAL Web App:

  • Open the ‘SEO Admin’ tab on the right-hand menu within the LOYAL Web App.
  • Add URLs you wish to save to your SEO Admin page by clicking “+” and adding specific URLs individually, bulk uploading via a spreadsheet, or visiting the LOYAL Search Console page and clicking the 3 dots on the right of an article to add it to the SEO Admin page.
  • To edit URL descriptions and add topics keywords around a specific subject simply click the three dots. 
  • Add individual or multiple topics to each specific URL to perfectly align your content team with your SEO strategy. For example, add “Volkswagen” and “VW” as topics to your key landing page URL so your writers can easily access your exact landing page URLs when using the SEO tab in our Chrome Extension or Word Add-in.

Using the SEO Admin Tab in the Chrome Extension

Remove any friction with your content team and ensure their articles are perfectly optimised based on your SEO team’s strategy. By using the SEO Admin Tab within our Chrome extension, journalists can automate linking, saving huge amounts of time in the content optimisation process for your organisation.

When writing an article in your CMS and searching for that exact landing page link for a specific topic, journalists can simply highlight the keyword you want to link to, and right-click to launch LOYAL.

From here, they can select the SEO tab, and will see the topic is viewable. They simply need to click the topic within the extension, which has been highlighted by the SEO team, and paste it straight into their article anchor text – as easily as that! 

The URL link will then perfectly match to the specific landing page on your website, as defined by your SEO team without the need for cross-referencing within spreadsheets. Or, access the LOYAL extension in Google Docs and analyse an entire document of text in one click.

Loyal-ai-SEO-tab-in-the Chrome-Extension-and Word-Add-in-1
Loyal-ai-SEO-tab-in-the Chrome-Extension-and Word-Add-in-2

You can also use this SEO functionality via the editor feature within the LOYAL Web App. By managing all of your SEO admin from the LOYAL Web app, you can be confident that your editorial team is always linking to the relevant URL.

Our AI-driven tools are opening up new and exciting collaborative ways of working for editorial teams of all sizes and helping to scale SEO strategies across entire organisations. Jump on board to find out how!

Want to get started and maximise your linking strategy? Sign up to your free trial of LOYAL below.