Powering innovation in content optimization and digital publishing: introducing the upgraded LOYAL AI Web Application

Here at LOYAL AI we’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve our product. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our upgraded LOYAL AI Web Application which helps digital publishers to power innovation in search and content optimization in the newsrooms. 

The task of producing daily, engaging content, while making the most out of your existing archive can seem overwhelming due to the constant pressure of writing and publishing large volumes of content. However, search and content optimization is crucial for digital publishers to maximise the value of every article. 

This is where the upgraded LOYAL AI Web Application comes in, providing a powerful tool for newsrooms to boost enterprise-level collaboration, automation, and commercial uplift for digital publishers. 

LOYAL Archive
LOYAL Archive

Here are a few of the new features that you can find either on our Business or Enterprise plans: 

✅  Named Entity Recognition (NER) Analysis: Analyze your website content archives to understand relevant topics, categories, and subcategories for your business.

✅  Multi-archive Management: Easily search, manage, and link multiple publishing brand archives in one convenient location. 

✅ Topic Analysis: Quickly categorize and organize your archives. 

Automated Linking and Article Tagging: Our AI-powered link recommendation system suggests internal and external news content to add to your articles.

SEO Article Metrics: Optimize your content with a comprehensive analysis of the SEO performance of your articles.

News Monitoring: Stay up-to-date with relevant articles from over 600 trusted sources.

LOYAL AI API: Integrate LOYAL AI directly into your CMS or application via our API.

Using the SEO features within LOYAL AI’s Web App

Publishers still face a significant obstacle in promoting collaboration between SEO teams and journalists to produce completely optimized content. SEO experts still use complicated spreadsheets to manage important links to their website’s top-performing pages. Regular updates are necessary to provide journalists with the most valuable internal links. However, this process is time-consuming and leads to inefficiencies and friction in the delivery of highly optimized content.  

LOYAL AI’s SEO features can be fully utilized by a publishing organization after linking their Search Console account. Consequently, they can streamline their workflows, eliminate the necessity for intricate spreadsheets, and facilitate efficient management and communication among teams. The days of spending countless hours on tedious spreadsheet tasks are gone. With the aid of LOYAL AI, teams can dedicate their time and effort to high-priority assignments. 

LOYAL AI Tip: Check out our blog post on bridging the gap between editorial and SEO teams. We outlined some straightforward steps to foster collaboration between SEO teams and journalists in the newsroom, ensuring a seamless sync between the two.

SEO Admin
SEO Admin

Our platform provides a single source of truth between SEO and editorial teams, resulting in significant efficiencies and productivity gains: 

Head of Audience Growth can support strategic decision-making.

Head of SEO can optimize more content faster to meet traffic targets.

SEO Manager can reduce man-hours on manual and mundane tasks.

To learn more about LOYAL AI’s SEO features check out a quick YouTube tutorial

Powering team collaboration through LOYAL AI’s Web App

For editorial teams, incorporating high-quality internal and external links into their articles can be challenging. Sources are often scattered across open tabs, buried in bookmarks, or lost in email trails, making it difficult to identify links with high search authority. This can make planning articles a daunting task.

Inside LOYAL’s Web App, you’ll have access to LOYAL AI Boards – a powerful feature designed to save and order your favourite articles so you can view them at ease.

LOYAL AI Tip: Read our blog article about Shared Boards feature that lets your team members collaborate and share links more effectively.

LOYAL Boards
LOYAL Boards

Staying on top of the events with LOYAL AI’s Web App 

Searching for news can be a frustrating experience, with so many sources to choose from and so much content to sift through. With LOYAL AI’s News Search, we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve curated over 600 trusted news sources and categorized them for easy searching, making it simple to find the news that matters most to you.

LOYAL News Search
LOYAL News Search

The News Search feature is divided into two main sections: Trending Today and Your Latest News

Trending Today features content from more than 600 sources, offering a broad range of perspectives and popular topics every day. It is powered by 24-hour Google News Trends, ensuring that you stay informed and up-to-date. You can also expedite your search by selecting trending topics, allowing for fast and efficient searching.

LOYAL News Search
LOYAL News Search

Your Latest News is your personalized news feed. To make it highly targeted and granular, click the ‘edit’ button and easily enable or disable the categories and sources you wish to follow. This ensures that your news feed is tailored to your specific interests. Each category contains several related sources, so you can follow technology news from specific sources or stay up-to-date on the latest sports news from your favourite outlets.

Source Selection: Stay up-to-date with the latest news by customizing your news feed. Easily enable or disable the categories and sources you want to follow, ensuring that your news feed is personalized to your specific interests.

LOYAL News Search
LOYAL News Search

To learn more about LOYAL AI’s News Search check out a quick YouTube tutorial