For CTO’s and content operations teams

Helping engineering teams to automate content optimization across entire organisations with AI-Powered efficiencies.

Benefits of LOYAL AI for CTO’s & content operations

Harness the power of Named Entity Recognition (NER) and the automation of mundane tasks in content optimization.

  • Advanced topic & category classification

    Analyze your website content archives and understand the topics, categories and subcategories.

  • Strategic decison making

    Use LOYAL AI insights to inform website structure, and content strategies based on a topic and category-based approach.


    Integrate LOYAL AI into your CMS and internal systems with the LOYAL API.

  • Automate internal linking & article tagging

    Get buy-in from your search an editorial colleagues via the automation of mundane editorial & SEO tasks.

Powering innovation & automation

How LOYAL AI supports content optimization within your organization.

The ‘single truth’ between SEO & Editorial teams, significant efficiencies and productivity gains.

Head of Audience Growth

Supports strategic decision making

Head of SEO

Optimize more content, faster, to meet traffic targets

Journalists & Writers

Reduce man hours on manual and mundane tasks and deliver more engagement on your content


Our productivity and quality of content increased dramatically once we started using LOYAL AI. I would recommend them to any company.


Casey Bjorkdahl
President, Vazoola

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