For SEO & audience growth teams

Helping teams accelerate SEO strategies and execute tactics across entire organisations with AI-Powered efficiencies.

Benefits of LOYAL AI for SEO teams

A true collaborative platform harnessing the power of Named Entity Recognition (NER) and automating mundane tasks in content optimization.

  • Advanced topic & category classification

    Analyze your website content archives and understand the topics, categories and subcategories.

  • Strategic decison making

    Use LOYAL AI insights to inform website structure and content strategies based on a topic and category-based approach.

  • Control all linking strategies via one platform

    Say goodbye to spreadsheets, and manage all your linking data via our Web App, Chrome Extension, Word Add-In and WordPress plugin.

  • Automate Internal Linking

    Get buy-in from your editorial colleagues via the automation of mundane SEO & affiliate linking tasks.

Powering team collaboration

How LOYAL AI helps everyone in your SEO team.

The ‘single truth’ between SEO & Editorial teams, significant efficiencies and productivity gains.

Head of Audience Growth

Supports strategic decision making

Head of SEO

Optimize more content, faster, to meet traffic targets

SEO Manager

Reduce man hours on manual and mundane tasks


Our productivity and quality of content increased dramatically once we started using LOYAL AI. I would recommend them to any company.


Casey Bjorkdahl
President, Vazoola

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